Reflection #12: MindShift: Exploring the Idea of ‘Happiness’ As Part of School Work

Reflection #12: MindShift: Exploring the Idea of ‘Happiness’ As Part of School Work
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This week’s blog reflection is called “Exploring the Idea of ‘Happiness’ As Part of School Work” from MindShift, which is a multidisciplinary blog that explores the future of education. This particular blog discusses prioritizing students’ happiness to maximize learning. Specifically, it discusses the Global Happiness Project which aims to create and foster healthy, happy communities throughout the world. They are searching for answers to the question, “What elements contribute to a happy and healthy society?” Teachers in 43 states and 11 countries have united to try to answer this question by getting to know students and what makes them happy.

Teaching with the paradigm that students being happy will foster their growth as students and citizens pairs nicely with Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck’s theory of growth mindset of learning. Her theory asserts that students who believe they can learn and achieve through hard work tend to outperform their peers who do not believe this. These ideas are beneficial for teachers to implement in their classrooms, because after all, what is more important: teaching students how to have a job or students how to be happy?

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